Two Generation Family-Owned Business

Our farm started as a 4H project from a suburban neighborhood just north of West Bend,  Wisconsin. From there we purchased land, and built a farm. We didn't do it in the conventional way. We have always been about doing things differently. We farm in a way that regenerates the land we are lucky enough to manage. No chemicals, no hormones, no pesticides. Plants, soil biology and sunshine fuel our farm. 


We produce grass fed beef from our registered herds of Belted Galloway and Murray Grey cattle. All our beef stock is born on the farm, raised on the farm,  and graze forages produced on the farm. Our beef is produced without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides. We believe in living soils and plant our fields with diverse cover crops and grasses, using rotational grazing to minimize machine use. We don’t till ours soils and work to manage the water cycle on the farm through the use of no till seeding methods to introduce soil building diversity to our fields offering our cattle the best nutrition we can produce. We practice regenerative farming, growing our products from the soil up using natures system of sunshine, plants, rain,  and biology.  In recent years we have added bees that make honey to our farm and offer free range eggs produced by a flock of roaming hens. The Bees help us to pollinate everything and make great honey. The chickens continuously roam the farm and offer us the best orange yolk eggs you’ll ever taste.


Our honey is produced from bees here on the farm. Our bee hives were started from Russian and Italian honey bee stock. Our bees start working as soon as the temperature starts to rise above 50 degrees. They pull pollen and nectar from our fruit trees and many cover crops that we use on the farm including red, crimson, and white dutch clovers along with apple, pear, blackberry and raspberry flowers. We occasionally plant some buckwheat and phacelia for them to enjoy as well. Bees are part of our multilayered approach to agriculture. They make everything better.