Frequently asked questions


How do I buy beef from your farm?

We sell our beef by the pound at the time of processing. You may order a quarter, half or whole beef from us via the beef reservation page or by contacting use via emial or phone. Processing is completed at Quality Cut Meats in Cascade, Wisconsin. In the fall of each year, we will contact you and make arrangements for processing and advise you of a processing date. The processor will provide us the hanging weight of the beef and we will charge you based on that amount. The processor will charge a separtate charge for cutting, that due from you at the time of pickup.

How much finished beef is there in a quarter, half or whole beef?

There is about 100 lbs of finshed beef in a quarter, 200 lbs in a half, and 400 lbs in a whole. Cost per pound including processing is about $4.00 -$5.00per pound of finished beef, depending on your selections at the processor.


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