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  Grass Fed Lamb  

Grass Fed Lamb...


We produce grass fed Lamb raised on the same pastures as our grass fed beef. These pastures that contain native grasses, legumes, white and red clover, alfalfa, timothy grass and high sugar rye grass. We rotationally graze our lambs to keep them on fresh grass and improve the condition of our pastures. We purchased the farm in 2007 and there have been no pesticides or chemical fertilizers applied. Our fertilization and soil correction program uses certified organic inputs.


We will have premium cuts of lamb available for sale at the West Bend Farmers Market the summer 2015. As always you can buy direct from us here at the farm. Our sales off the farm are in larger quantities such as halves and wholes. These are ready in December and January. Visit us at the West Bend Farmers Market, order online, or phone or email us to place an order.